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Third Public Statement by World Active

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28th March 2023 World Active, formerly the World Active Forum, is a worldwide platform, and future federation, that unites the health, fitness and physical activity sector globally. Initially launched in June 2022, the World Active brings together stakeholders from all continents to debate the industry’s common opportunities and challenges, speak with a unified voice, and promote health and well-being worldwide through collaboration and innovation. World Active is expected to serve as a transparent and inclusive representative body to exchange best practices, enhance collaboration with international institutions, such as the World Health Organisation, and discuss the latest dynamics and trends in… Read More »Third Public Statement by World Active

Second Public Statement by the World Active Forum (WAF)

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22nd September 2022 Since the official launch, on 20th June, worldwide national and continental trade association leaders, together with heads of professional registers, continued laying the foundations of the World Active Forum. Organised around monthly plenaries, the WAF members continued their active involvement in building a global representative body based on the highest level of accountability, openness and transparency. In line with the objective to achieve closer collaboration with international organisations, Dr Fiona Bull, the head of the WHO’s Physical Activity Unit, exchanged her perspectives with WAF members last month. She insisted on the importance of speeding up the fight… Read More »Second Public Statement by the World Active Forum (WAF)

The World Active Forum

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The fitness and physical activity sector’s trade associations collaborated closely during the pandemic to overcome the subsequent societal and economic impacts by promoting and protecting the interests of the industry. In this context, based on the explicit support of its 29 national fitness association partners who have identified the need to establish a global forum for the sector’s representative associations, EuropeActive has contributed to laying the foundations of the World Active Forum (WAF).  Worldwide national and continental trade associations leaders, together with heads of professional registers, were invited to set up a transparent and equitable representation of the fitness and… Read More »The World Active Forum