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Physical Activity

The World Active Forum

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The fitness and physical activity sector’s trade associations collaborated closely during the pandemic to overcome the subsequent societal and economic impacts by promoting and protecting the interests of the industry. In this context, based on the explicit support of its 29 national fitness association partners who have identified the need to establish a global forum for the sector’s representative associations, EuropeActive has contributed to laying the foundations of the World Active Forum (WAF).  Worldwide national and continental trade associations leaders, together with heads of professional registers, were invited to set up a transparent and equitable representation of the fitness and… Read More »The World Active Forum

Public statement by the World Active Forum (WAF)

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The pandemic not only negatively impacted people’s health around the globe, but significantly disrupted our ways of living. World leaders had to strengthen collaboration, in order to overcome the crisis and limit the significant human, economic, social and political costs. In this context, the fitness and physical activity sector mobilised itself and agreed to enhance collaboration between its representative associations worldwide, to become a generally recognised societal solution when it comes to public health and wellbeing. In light of the above, Presidents and CEOs from national and regional fitness industry associations from all continents decided to form the World Active Forum (WAF) as their formalised global meeting… Read More »Public statement by the World Active Forum (WAF)