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World Active

the worldwide representative voice
of the fitness and physical activity sector,
working for a physically active, healthier world

more people | more active | more often

What is World Active?

World Active is an initiative meant to set up an open and transparent platform for the fitness and physical activity sector, in line with its mission to get “more people, more active, more often” and its vision “to be the worldwide representative voice of the fitness and physical activity sector, working for a physically active, healthier world”.

Why was it formed?

National and continental trade associations, as well as professional registers, from across the world, have all identified the need to establish a worldwide forum to start collaborating more closely. Therefore, they decided to come together within World Active, to look at ways to share, collaborate, and support each other in their efforts to serve the fitness and physical activity sector, in its recovery and future growth. Maximising lessons learned and opportunities identified as a consequence of the pandemic, World Active aims to establish a singular international voice for the industry and enhance collaboration with the World Health Organisation.

Who is in World Active?

ACAD Brasil


Almega Friskvårdsföretagen

American Council on Exercise

ANIF Eurowellness


Austrian Professional Association of Sports and Leisure Enterprises

Bulgarian Association for Health and Fitness

BH Active

Czech Chamber of Fitness


Danish Fitness & Health Organisation


Exercise New Zealand

Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association SKY

Fitness Business Association


Georgia Active

German Employers’ Association for Fitness and Health Facilities

German Industry Association for Fitness and Health

IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Ireland Active

India Active

Hungarian Gyms National Association

Korean Integrated Movement Academy

Latvian Health and Fitness association

Lithuanian Association of Fitness Clubs

Medical Fitness Association

Mexican Association of Gymnasiums and Clubs

North Macedonia Active

NL Actief

Polish Fitness Federation

Portugal Activo

REPs India

REPs Iran

REPs Malta

REPs Polska


Romania Active

Serbian Association for Recreation and Fitness

Singapore Fitness Alliance

Slovenian association for fitness, recreation and regeneration

Spain Active

Sports and Fitness Pakistan

Sport Industry Turkey

Swiss Active


Ukraine Active

Virke Trening

All continents (except Antarctica) are represented within WA.
All those involved agreed to have the highest level of accountability, inclusion, openness and transparency.

How to get involved?

Participation in World Active meetings is reserved for non-commercial industry representatives from national or continental trade associations or professional registers from the fitness and physical activity sector. Affiliates are either defined as World Active experts (academics, scientists) or World Active supporters (commercial industry stakeholders).

Only not-for-profit representative bodies from the fitness and physical activity sector, in the form of trade associations (national or continental) or professional registers, with a collective mandate, are allowed to participate in the plenary meetings. Only such members should benefit from member rights, including voting, within World Active.


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